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Facial Led Mask


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Material: Plastic
Light Color: Red, Blue & Yellow

Using with face care liquid, lotion or cream.
3-in-1 LED mask, just use for 10-20 mins before sleep / Help your skin rejuvenate and regenerate better / Strong effection in remove freckle and acne / Convenient and available use in house / LED technology support to clean your skin efficiently.

Red Light: 630nm~680nm, improving wrinkles and increasing elasticity.
Blue Light: 420~460nm, shrinking pores and relieving skin.
Yellow Light: 420nm~460nm, firming skin, tightening.

Using method
Clean your face. It will be better to using skin care products on face, like Essence, mask orcream before using the mask , then adjust the mask to appropriate position, wear the mask (It will be better to combined with the use of the mask).
Connect cell phone/ Ipad / adapter /power bank. Choose the color you want.
Enjoy 20 minutes skin care time , 2 light automatically Switching every 5 minutes.

People who can not use

1. Pregnant women.
2. It is forbidden to use the epileptic group. Partial light wavelength and frequency may cause sudden illness.
3. Patients with thyroid disease or using a thyroid drug, do not use.
4. If you are allergic to photosensitive drugs (e.g. tetracycline)

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Mask Color

Blue, Pink, Yellow