Vibration Face Roller and Massager


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100% Nature Rose Quartz: We choose high quality Brazilian rose quartz. After fine sanding and polish to be these roller. Our rollers not only seem very charming, also reach in a lot of nature mineral substances. With it massage your skin, can make your skin become more smooth and lighter. As a woman, buy it to yourself. As a man, buy it to your woman.
Perfect Design: In order to make this face massage roller more outstanding. We design it having two changeable heads. The roller head is good at smooth and lift skin. You can roll it on skin. And another circle head is good at point massage. Move it on skin in circles, you can feel extremely comfortable.
High Frequency Vibration: This face massage roller has high frequency vibrations, can reach 6000 vibrations/min. High vibrations can much relax muscle. What’s more, it can also stimulate cells activity. Make your cells do sport. You can massage all parts on your body, such as, massage for forehead, face,skin under eyes, neck, cheeks, arms or legs.

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