VPROVE Ampoule Expert Mucin Anti-wrinkle Ampoule


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VProve Ampoule Expert Mucin Ampoule Anti-Wrinkle 30ml
Highly concentrated anti-aging ampoules for wrinkles and sagging skin

o Contains concentrated snail mucin to repair damaged skin and retain skin moisture.
o High levels of nutrients create smooth and supple skin layers.
o Ceramide prevents dry and brittle skin

Main Ingredients:
o Snail Mucin: Soothing + Skin Moisturization
o Ceramide: Protection + Moisturization
o Panthenol: Skin Soothing + Nutrients
o Centella Extract: Soothing + Moisturization
o Allantoin: Skin Soothing

How to Use:
– Apply a moderate amount across the skin, then gently pat down for quick absorption.

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