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VPROVE Mask Master Cream Sheet – Multi Vitamin


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1 box contains 10 masks.

13 vitamins provide vibrant energy to care for lifeless skin

VProve Mask Master Cream Sheet – Vitamin
– Cream mask sheet containing 13 types of vitamin, including vitamins C and E, to revitalize dry and lusterless skin!
– 25g of deeply nourishing cream packs the skin full of nutrients!
– Made from dense super-fine fabric that comfortably covers the face
– Dermatologically tested

Main Ingredients:
– Vitamin: Nutrients
– Shea Butter: Moisturization + Nutrients
– Niacinamide: Whitening
– Allantoin: Skin Soothing

How to Use:
– Use a toner to soothen skin texture.
– Place the mask on the face while avoiding eyes and lips
– Leave the mask on for 10~20 minutes.
– Peel off the mask and pat down for absorption.

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